The Ultimate Guide To Family Health and Nutrition

There is not much today that is more important to families than their overall health, both physically and mentally. Sure it is nice to have financial security, a comfortable home and some perks along the way, but what good are all of these “extras” if one does not have the good health and stamina to enjoy them? It is easy to take a broad look across the United States these days and see a variety of health levels that families are living, both good and bad. There is truly an obesity epidemic going on right under our very noses in every state of the Union and a large portion of this statistic is children. That certainly brings home the old adage that children model what they see and if they see their parents living an unhealthy lifestyle, they are sure to emulate it. On the other hand, those choosing to watch their diet and eat right, exercise and take good care of their overall health are more than likely going to have children that will do the same.

There are many worries to consider when living in the twenty first century. The number of diseases such as cancer, particularly breast cancer for women and prostate cancer in men seems to be on the rise. Studies show that depending on modern medicines alone is not enough to keep us healthy. Adopting a lifestyle of good eating habits and proper nutrition can help to ward off many illnesses and keep things like our outward appearance appearing healthy and vital. Following a healthy diet can help teenagers and adults alike who use vigilant skin care routines to thwart acne problems and keep their weight at a height appropriate number, or help them to have a healthy weight loss approach to getting it there.

Women considering pregnancy know that in order to have a healthy baby to add to their all important family circle that they must take care of themselves with regular exercise and a nutritious eating regime. There are many recipe books available for them to use in order to eat well and still give their developing baby all the necessary nutrients it will need to enter this world at the peak of vitality. There are also many known things for them to avoid such as smoking, alcohol and dangerous activities, which seem like common sense. All too often, even for someone who is not pregnant the use of substances such as cigarettes and alcohol can lead to addiction problems later on. With a respect for the life we have been given and a desire to live it to the fullest, it is critical that living a healthy lifestyle be the forefront of everyone’s daily routines.

Using Social Networking Sites For Health Insurance

What is social Networking?

As paraphrased by the encyclopedia, social networking deals with the building of online communities. These online communities generally consist of individuals that share a common interest or activity and are interested in sharing that with others. Most social networks are web based and have several ways for individuals to interact.

Other forms of social networking have been around since personal computers began in the form of online bulletin boards (BBS’s) and forums. The unique thing about social networks today is that a network an individual belongs to can be made public to others. In other words, one individual can link his or her associates with another that can expose and share his or her associates.

List of social networking sites for health insurance

The advent of true networks began with a site called Six Degrees in 1997. Based on the theory of six degrees of separation, it linked users in a way we are familiar with today. Other major sites of this type include: My Space starting in 2003; LinkedIn starting in 2003; You Tube starting in 2005; Face Book starting in 2005; and Twitter starting in 2006. Although none of these is specifically designed for health insurance, you can find health and health insurance related information discussed within them.

Advantages of social networking sites for health insurance

Health reform is taking place now and people have lots of questions. The focus, now, is on fighting over what policies and options should be. But, as an expert in the field for many years I can tell you that regardless of the type of health reform that ends up being law, consumers will need to take more responsibility for their own care. I support reform and believe only good can come of it. But, currently, consumers have no idea of the knowledge they will need to posses to help get good care. This can be a major advantage for social networks. Consumers can learn and educate themselves through the experience of others. The information can be shared almost instantly. It could also be a form of informal health exchanges. The possibilities could be endless.

Disadvantages of social networking sites for health insurance

The main problem with passing information through social networks is that it is vulnerable to rumor and misinformation. This is true with the internet in general. Currently, few real experts actively participate in many of these networks and misinformation is often left un-challenged. Without proper education and knowledge, networking about health could be more trouble than it is worth.

Health and Nutrition Stores Carry the Real Thing

Have you taken your vitamins today? Do I sound like your mother? Most doctors now recommend taking a good daily multiple vitamin. This is quite a reversal for many physicians who previously thought vitamins were a “waste of money”. Well, they were partly correct. Many vitamins and supplements ARE a “waste of money.” Why? Because they are mostly synthetic … phoney stuff, artificial colors and fillers with which your body doesn’t know what to do!

Test: does your present multi-vitamin list Vitamin E? Is it listed as Vitamin E (as d-Alpha Tocopherol) or does it have an “l” after the “d”? Vitamin E (as dl-Alpha Tocopherol) is synthetic and un-natural; made in the chemistry lab. Will it act the same way in your body? Will it do what you wanted your Vitamin E to do?

Professional health and nutrition stores carry the real thing; the genuine article. They don’t sell TV’s and hi-fi equipment or repair screen doors. All health food stores pledge to you their full attention to your questions and concerns about your health. They promise to empower you in every way to help you discover ways to improve your own immune system and address the health issues that matter to you. Remember though, health food and nutrition stores do not employ doctors or pharmacists, and any suggestions they make are based on other customer successes, company claims, or their own personal experiences with various products. Always consult a trained health care practitioner.

At a professional health and nutrition store they want to help you discover how real and natural vitamins and supplements can help improve your well being.

The older we get, the smarter we get about what we put in our mouths. And with supplements, we supplement an already good diet, and sort of fill in the gaps. Health and nutrition stores suggest that good nutrition begins in the produce aisle of either their store, if they sell foods or your grocery store, but then come to a good health and nutrition store to supplement your already healthy diet.